At The Spicewood Farm we speak the language of honey!
Great for Kids or the Kid in You!

Teach your children and young friends early about the healthy sweetness of honey.*

We offer two great ways to keep you and your short pals supplied with the best honeys, by the Sweet Squeeze bottle or with monthly shipments of Just For Kids Honey-of-the-Month Club. Both come in flip-top plastic squeeze bottles that ensure no-spills-or-breaks.

Try all of the different honey flavors and have fun discovering which go best with peanut butter, over ice cream or for soft, moist cookies. Keep a squeeze bottle handy in your office drawer for your tea or coffee or for a yummy pick-me-up during those long conference calls.

* Babies under a year of age should not be given honey because their delicate digestive tracts need to develop a little more.

8 ounce plastic, flip-top squeeze bottle means no breaks, no spills and no lost lids.

Sweet Squeeze»

Just For Kids
Honey-of-the-Month Club»

Pretty much everyone has a sweet tooth, don't they?

The Bears, Bears, Bears! special educational labels come with the
Just For Kids Honey-of-the-Month Club.

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