At The Spicewood Farm we speak the language of honey!

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e not only keep millions of honeybees ourselves, we also create distinctive and imaginatively-packaged gifts of honey.

Our beekeeping endeavors started as an offshoot from our work as scientists, consumer advocates and environmentalists. Now we have become avid beekeepers and beekeeping educators. We have come to know the honeybee as a critical player in food crop pollination, responsible for about one of every three bites we eat. Unfortunately we now also know the honeybee as seriously threatened species and worthy of our most ardent stewardship efforts.

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We speak the
language of honey

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hrough our unique honeys and gifts we help introduce others to the magical (and meaningful) world of the honeybee. Some of the honeys we bottle are from our own Western North Carolina mountain 'bee pastures' - including hard-to-find local varietals. Others are from delightfully-different floral and nectar sources across the U.S., including such far-flung locales as the islands of Hawai'i.